Thursday, 27 January 2011

A Good Day

Hey guys,
just thought I'd update you on my day so far today,
had a meeting today with Vivien  Henry, who is one of the head make-up artist on Eastenders, she's so lovely  and really helped me with putting together my portfolio for film and Tv, she gave me some great advise about getting in to the industry and finding work experience in the field, so what this space for me on film sets. After speak with her my plans of moving to London may chance dramatically so exciting stuff for me to think about.
I also had a great session with Elizabeth Barnett Lawton, who is currently one of my teachers about my work and website that I am building and I received some great feed back about my work, she said that one of my picture could get me hired just by itself! brilliant for me. to finish my portfolio all I need are a few more images, one of a great hair design and one of a really strong eye liner look, so I will now be doing nothing but research to find some perfect influence for my looks, and planning the shoots for them and my Final Major Project! if you guys have any ideas or in put I would love to here from you.
love to all L x

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

That's a bit exciting!

Check me out!
details to follow x x x

Final Images From Tatty Devine Shoot.

Ok so here are the final images of the Tatty shoot that was created a few months ago you can check these out on the website @ Tatty Devine and my other work which I will talk about later. Loves x x

Monday, 24 January 2011

Tatty Devine

So over the past few months I've been working with my lovely cousin Lou Clarke who works for an amazing London based jewellery designers and makers Tatty Devine.
The first shoot was back in September '10, for their collection called Penhaligon's, the jewellery is a collection of  moustashe inspired piece which are so cool.
 I have a ring from Tatty with a Moustache on it and love it!
 so here are a few behind the scenes pic's I took whilst I was at the famous Sunbeam Studio working my magic and watching the images unfold. X